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Feb. 6th, 2012 @ 01:41 pm TESOL positions in UAE and Qatar
Hello all-

I'm interested in teaching somewhere in the UAE (possibly Dubai or Abu Dhabi) or Qatar. Does anyone know where I could get a job recruiter for these areas? I know many say you shouldn't get a job recruiter, but I feel uncomfortable applying to jobs I see online without knowing too much about the area, especially since I'm a woman (a western woman at that!) I have 4 years of experience teaching privately to exchange students in the USA (I taught conversation courses and edited university papers and dissertations), 2 years experience teaching in Korea (kindergarten through fifth grade, including private TOEIC students), and 3 months (so far) at an English school in Hungary (I'm teaching mostly conversation courses and TOEIC/IELTS prep).

I have TESOL certification from Oxford Seminars (not great, but I have experience as well)/masters in Music History and Literature/BA in Music and German.

I'm thinking I could get a decent job over there with these qualifications. Let me know if anyone knows otherwise.

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